5401 East Drive | Arbutus, MD 21227
(P) 410.242.6474

Our Restaurant Specials are updated monthly on the first day of every month. Specials are a mix of specialty items that cannot be found on our regular menu, and discounted or bundled menu items. We use only the finest and freshest ingredients when creating our monthly specialty items. All items are sourced with local ingredients that come from businesses that are family owned and operated whenever possible. This contributes in two ways: Lowering emissions as no trucks have to haul ingredients in from out of state, and helping support our local economy by keeping money in our town instead of going out of state to a giant corporation. Also when possible, we make as many aspects of the items in house . As a result, our monthly specialty items are mouth- watering favorites that are sure to please even the biggest of food critics.

March Specials:


Sorrento of Arbutus has a long history of supporting the  UMBC community.

1/2 Sub combo is $9.19 anytime (just show your student id)
(exclusions apply) 

restaurant specials