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History Pt.2

Please see “Welcome-Our First Blog” for the beginning of our history. Read below to learn about our fresh dough production and other areas we covered.

Leon Kostinsky was working hard on the days leading up to March 15, 1965 to put the finishing touches on Sorrento Restaurant. In the months leading up to opening day, Leon had secured a location, purchased equipment and interviewed cooks and other staff members, so all he had to do was complete some final cleaning, stock food and other small tasks to prepare for the big day. The morning of March 15 quickly arrived with a less then large crowd as the doors opened for the first time. As customers slowly flowed in, the cooks prepared meals and cashiers rang in orders as Leon oversaw the operation, paying attention to the smallest details and training his staff along the way. As the doors closed and locked at the end of the first day, the reality began to set in. There was no turning back now. The 5 year lease was signed and debt payments had to be made to pay for the equipment. It was do or die, and Leon was the never the type to accept failure. Yet, he was nervous. There was no where near the crowd size he was expecting for opening day. Would people start coming in after the word got out? Would this casual dining concept he came up with stick and be accepted by the Arbutus community? There was no choice but to push forward and see what would happen…

Stay tuned for our next blog as we continue the History of Sorrento of Arbutus.



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