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History PT. 4

To catch up, start with our first blog “Welcome – Our First Blog” and then read PT. 1 – PT. 3


By 1980 Sorrento was a household name in the Arbutus Community. Someone could not mention pizza without thinking about Sorrento’s. This is exactly what Leon had envisioned. Around this time Leon’s son, Michael, became heavily involved in the business. This would be the beginning of the 2nd era of the Sorrento Legacy. Michael wasted no time building on what his father had started. While maintaining the core values of great food, fresh dough, superior customer service and a clean atmosphere, Michael began the process of renovating the restaurant to bring it into the new generation. At the same time, he started the Feast Beast company, a group of 6 trucks that would roam the streets during the week looking for hungry office workers, construction workers and laborers. Feast Beast was a huge success. The fleet of trucks quickly grew from 6 to 10 trucks and you couldn’t go a day without seeing one of the trucks roaming the streets.

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As the 80’s came and went and the 90’s was ending, it was clear Michael would not only build on what his father started, but that he would make it even better than it was, it just about every way imaginable.

Ass the 2000’s came The Feast Beast was phased out by its replacement, Sorrento Catering. The market for a rolling lunch service was not as in demand anymore as a lot of large construction projects were no longer underway and lunch trucks made their way into the market, claiming territory at various office parks and public places that Feast Beast once called home.

The focus was now on Sorrento Catering and Sorrento of Arbutus, and boy would the 2000’s hold a lot of exciting news for both!

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