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How do I get a fundraiser set-up?

First, connect with our General Manager at least 30 days prior to your fundraiser date. You and the General Manager will discuss the details of your organization. After your conversation, you will complete the fundraiser application and give it back to the General Manager.  We will then contact you to set a date.


When can I host a fundraiser?

Sorrento of Arbutus hosts fundraisers on Monday and Tuesday nights from 5PM-8PM.


How can I ensure my fundraiser is a success?

Once your fundraiser is approved, you can begin spreading the word! Follow the three easy steps below to ensure your fundraiser night is a success.

Start the process early: We request 30-day notice prior to your desired fundraiser date. This allows plenty of time for you to spread the word and for us to prepare for your fundraiser.

  1. Make a Flyer, Facebook Event Etc.
  2. Spread the Word! Hand out copies of your flyer to locals businesses, churches, schools etc. Tell your friends and family to spread the word and share your Facebook event. Utilize Facebook!


How do you determine how much money the organization/cause will receive?

15% of the sales accumulated on your flyers presented to us from 5PM-8PM the night of the fundraiser will be donated to the organization/cause.


When will my organization receive the money raised?

You should receive your check 14 days after the night of the fundraiser. If you don’t, please contact the restaurant General Manager.